Fuel Solutions

Whether you run a car, boat, train or coach, the one unknown quantity running through your engine is the fuel. Control the fuel and your engine will operate as it was designed to… at its peak. But oil companies cannot control condensation, or contaminants that are found along the distribution channel.

Fuel can therefore be problematic: it can for example be contaminated with emulsified water, the ‘diesel bug’, or become degraded and stale .

Given the recent problems associated with the use of fuels containing FAME, a recent independent test commissioned by Practical Boat Owner tested 12 of the best Diesel Bug treatments available in the UK, finding Fuel Set FCC excelled at removing water AND debris (dead bug!)

Click here to read the interactive article for yourself (results are on page 7). Our tip – print it out to read it more easily.

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Fuel Set FCC is a complete fuel conditioner that can address most fuel problems.


Tank Check helps determine whether the fuel in a holding tank is fresh or old and hazardous.

Water Detection Paste does exactly what it says on the tube - very handy, really!