Safety around the home is paramount - use Liquid Engineering products to ensure there are no toxins or caustic products under your sink or in your shed. 

Domestic oil fired central heating systems, oil fired Agas, cars, motor bikes, scooters, garden mowers, hedge trimmers, boats, in fact any engine / combustion process will benefit from the use of fuel treated with Fuel Set. A little goes a long way. When used in an economical 4000:1 mix ratio Fuel Set will maintain clean conditions throughout the fuel system resulting in trouble free operation of all your home equipment.

AGAs all over Europe are going out due to a European 'cleaner fuel' regulation. Fuel Set can help!  Read about it here :

Use Fuel Set in your domestic heating oil tank and keep both your Aga and your central heating boiler soot free, saving the cost of the unscheduled service engineer visit. Use just one 500ml bottle each time you top up with 2000L, or save even more by buying in bulk. (Double dose on first application)

Metal drain pipes & guttering, drain covers, garden tools, wheelbarrows, garden swings, cars, motorbikes, pushbikes, in fact, anything that is rusted or corroded needs Exit Rust. Non-flammable, non-toxic and water-based, Exit Rust controls rust safely, minimising product contamination and reducing costly maintenance.

Exit Grease removes all household grease and can be diluted up to 1:50 for light applications such as cleaning windows. Excellent for removing old build-up of kitchen floor waxes and polish. Safely removes all grease on tiled walls and around cookers etc. Will not harm painted surfaces or work tops. Exit Grease is non-perfumed and approved for use in food preparation areas.

ACL is essential in use around the home and at work. Protect your garden machinery, bicycles, etc with ACL. ACL will not dry out, become sticky or wash off with water. ACL is safe and easy to use.

Try Tribo Plus in your car!  Suitable for use in all engines (excluding 2 stroke) and gearboxes. Fuel and running costs are slashed and maintenance service costs are substantially reduced.