Rust Solutions

The rusting of iron is a natural process that converts this metal to its oxidised form. The rate at which iron or steel objects rust depends on their environment and the amount of preventative maintenance they receive.

Most anti-corrosion products on the market today use compounds containing wax, resin, tar or Teflon™ based material to protect the surface against further moisture. But these products do not remove any moisture that may already exist on and/or below the surface, allowing it to continue acting as a medium for corrosion. So merely sealing the metal against contact with the atmosphere does not stop the corrosion process.


Exit Rust, our tannic acid, water based rust converter, interrupts the chain reaction between iron and its oxides and transforms the rust into a passive, stable compound.


Corro Dip has made it possible to eliminate rust and corrosion from metals without sandblasting or using other hazardous acid solvents.