Heavy goods or passenger trains, rolling stock or rails, Liquid Engineering has the right product for your industry.

Give your trains more life, range and fuel efficiency! Regular use of Fuel Set deals with any water contamination, the root cause of so many issues. Fuel Set is, in both concept and formulation, vastly different from any other fuel conditioner. It removes acids and sticky contaminants from the fuel system by passing them, in a dissolved state, through the combustion process. This results in less wear and corrosion of the fuel system components, which, in turn, reduces the running and maintenance costs of your trains. 

Rolling stock, rail track equipment and signals, tanks, station steelwork all benefit from the application of Exit Rust. Treated surfaces can be painted over with any protective coating. Non-flammable, non-toxic and water-based, Exit Rust controls rust safely, minimising product contamination and reducing costly maintenance.

Exit Grease is used with great effect in transmission centres, around locos and rolling stock. Cleans grease from platforms and concrete workshop floors without discolouration. Will not harm plastic, vehicle painted surfaces, alloy trim etc. Exit Grease can be used anywhere around mechanical workplaces and will displace even the heaviest of grease – safely.

ACL protects many parts of your rolling stock, locos, etc. Reduces maintenance costs and avoids expensive downtime when equipment has seized. ACL will not dry out, become sticky or wash off with water/rain.

Tribo Plus assists in minimising the effect of water intrusion in engine pumps, gearboxes and other critical components. Fuel and running costs are slashed and maintenance overheads and downtime are substantially reduced.