Just some of the feedback from our customers....

I spoke to a very knowledgeable lady about 3 weeks ago concerning water contamination of the fuel tank in my new catamaran. I had already used one dose of 'Fuel Set' but still had a white sludge, which I presume was emulsified water, which kept blocking the primary filters (see photo)

On her advice, I gave the tank a double dose of 'Fuel Set' and the problem was solved immediately with the filters running clear ever since. I have attached a picture of the contamination that I was getting in the filter bowl.
Brilliant product and thanks very much for the sound advice.
Kind regards
RB, Guernsey  July 2019
Editor's tip... the normal Fuel Set dose at 4000:1 is usually enough to keep your fuel fresh and clear, but if you take on a badly contaminated batch of fuel, you can double, triple or quadruple the dose to help clear the problem. It will do no harm to add extra, and is often the easiest and most economical way to clean up almost any contamination. It certainly beats drilling holes in your fuel tank!


We are delighted to support the Jubilee Sailing Trust, a unique charity that aims to promote the integration of people of all physical abilities through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing. The JST owns and operates two tall ships, Lord Nelson and Tenacious. These magnificent ships are the only two vessels in the world that have been purpose-designed and built to enable a crew of mixed physical abilities to sail side by side on equal terms.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust have treated their fuel with Fuel Set since 2006 and remain confident that, wherever they are in the world, they don’t have to worry about the quality of the fuel they take on board – Fuel Set ensures they can always return safely back to port. 

But don’t just take our word for it – Tony Heard, Jubilee Sailing Trust’s Chief Engineer knows more than a thing or two about engines and he is happy to share his experience of Fuel Set. Read his letter here!


 A petrol station in Kent has been treating its fuel tanks with Fuel Set to ensure it sells only top quality fuel to its customers...

October 2015:

Thank-you for supplying us with the Fuel Set product.  We have had compliments from many customers since we first began to use Fuel Set because they noticed an improvement to their vehicle running and mpg.  We are managing to retain a strong customer base of those people who appreciate the difference that Fuel Set has made.

We have noticed that our fuel flow rates at the pump have also increased.

We’re delighted to be using Fuel Set as it supports our own business ethic of supplying the customer with quality products.

 Many thanks,

 Paul Pittman,  Managing Director, Automobile Engineering, Ash Garage, Ash Road, Ash, Kent, TN15 7HL



We have a Narrowboat that is now 7 years old and it is powered by a 42hp Isuzu Marine diesel engine.  About a year ago I was reading about red diesel and its bio fuel additives so I purchased some Fuel Set to dose the tank.  Now we are almost ready for our summer cruise I thought I would check the fuel tank to see if any water and contaminants were present. 

I made a copper dip tube that gave about a 5mm clearance from the bottom of the tank and after syphoning off about 5 litres of diesel I was surprised that there was no sign of water or sludge.  Just to be sure I syphoned another 5 litres and the fuel was still crystal clear. 

I had also noticed during our summer cruise last year that the engine ran a lot smoother. I should add that I have never had the fuel tank cleaned prior to dosing the tank last year, however we rarely let the tank run down below a quarter full and when the boat is laid up for extended periods the tank is always full.

We hear a lot about what manufacturers claims about what their products can do but I would say that Fuel Set does what it says on the tin!

G. Naylor,  LIncolnshire


We have been using the product in our 30m sea going tug “Goliath” for the past two months. Prior to using Fuel Set we were suffering regular minor issues with sticky fuel pumps and fuel injectors. Since using Fuel Set we have had no such further problems.

Another major benefit has been a visible change in the exhaust colour of the main engines. Prior to using Fuel Set there was a visible and slightly embarrassing darkish tinge to the exhaust gasses. Since using Fuel Set the exhausts have cleaned up and are now barely visible.    

Griffin Towage and Marine


Here is the result of a night in warm CORRO DIP...my favourite rust removal chemical.

Quite impressive! It's not cheap stuff but as can be seen....quite effective!

The key to this stuff is that unlike any other process...the crispness of the mark is retained. All too often you get softened or obliterated marks as a result of over-zealous rubbing on wire brushes, abrasive papers and polishers.

For the historical restoration of old and valuable tools...this has to be one of the best methods which retains the maximum amount of the unaffected metal.

J Hendricks, Sevenoaks


Now I'm very apprehensive about these "TV CHANNEL" type miracle cures...and this I thought was one...until I Googled it and found that Liquid Engineering...the makers....sell this litre bottle (of CORRO DIP)) for over £20 and it makes 6L of reusable non-toxic, harmless liquid.

It professes to totally remove rust and gunk and they are talking about using it on caterpillar tracks not just little rusty tools:

Now it says...dilute the green goo...1:5 with clean water (preferably hot) and dump the rusty stuff in it and leave it for up to six hours...  Well as you can see...after a few minutes it started fizzing and continued to fizz...so I left it and forgot it!  For a whole two days! DOH!

BUT...I was astounded...it totally stripped ALL the rust off..even the little tin rust in all the crevices (as it promised) and left a beautifully patinated nickel plated look...no scrubbing...no rubbing with abrasives...nothing... Just washed in water and wiped with a cloth: 

Amazing stuff...simply amazing!     J Hendricks, Sevenoaks