Lubrication Solutions

There is a very well known brand of oil in an aerosol can that has become synonymous with a quick handy spray of lubrication. But did you know that this "oil" actually evaporates? Used outdoors or on any water contact area ( taps etc ) it is easily washed away, needing further applications, time and time again.

How useful it would be then, to find a lubricant that can be sprayed on, and stays on. Indoors or outside, wet or dry, ACL is applied far less frequently than other oils we could mention, saving you time, effort and money, and protecting your machine parts / bicycle chains / taps etc for longer. 

ACLTM is a multi-purpose product that displaces moisture, penetrates rusted parts and lubricates otherwise inaccessible places and engine parts. ACL stops annoying squeaks, cleans surfaces and protects them from corrosion. 

TRIBO PLUSTM is an oil anti-wear additive that contains a special blend of surface-modifying lubricants and anti-corrosion agents

It significantly reduces metal friction between all moving parts. Tribo Plus reduces engine wear, increases power and reduces fuel consumption. Fuel and running costs are slashed and maintenance overheads and downtime are substantially reduced.

Used in machine shops, in general drilling, tapping, punching, threading and broaching and for low or high-speed lathe work.