Grease Solutions

Wouldn't it be great to find a safe, non-caustic degreaser that is strong enough to use on a workshop floor, yet gentle enough to use at home?  Whether you need to clean up a fuel spillage on a jetty or garage forecourt, or wipe a child's fingerprint off your fridge, Exit Grease is the product for you. It's different - it's quick to wipe up a cooking spill, or for a more serious job, just spray on a leave for a few minutes while the product sets to work.  Allowing it time to work means it doesn't have to contain all those nasty, caustic chemicals found in normal, "instant" degreasers, and in a few minutes it works its way through the layers of grease, getting right to the heart of the problem.

Approved for use in food preparation areas, Exit Grease is perfect in any kitchen or galley and can be taken outside or up on deck to deal with more serious spillages.

Why stock a barrage of products when one will do?