Tank Check

  • Tank Check


Use to take fuel samples from bottom of tank.

Diesel Tank Check - Fuel sampling unit. With its clever design, this product allows you to sample fuel (or water!) from the bottom of the tank and at intervals from the bottom, to assess the level of contamination. Samples taken at the fuel/water interface often contain Cladisporium resinae (the Diesel Bug), and the sample can be used to indicate the type of contaminant present, and the extent of the problem.

Fuel Set can treat a multitude of fuel problems, including water contamination and aged/stale fuel. However, Fuel Set cannot remove inches of water from badly contaminated tanks - this needs to be syphoned or cleaned before treatment by Fuel Set. So the moral is - if in doubt, test the fuel. We're happy to give our opinion / advice on your findings.

Please note - the Tank Check cannot be used with petrol as its plastic components are adversely affected by the petrol. It IS suitable for use with diesel, pond water, domestic heating oil, wine, beer, etc.

Type Fuel Diagnostics
Tags Fuel Conditioner