We appreciate the need for farms and small holdings to operate efficiently, utitlising every cost saving tool available. Our products save both money and time, as well as being safe for use around livestock and in the environment generally. 

Fuel stored for long periods can degrade or become contaminated. Maintain your fuel in perfect condition and you will know that your farm equipment and vehicles will operate when needed for ploughing, seeding and harvesting. Fuel Set gives your farm equipment and vehicles more life, with improved fuel efficiency and less maintenance down time. It has shown, time and time again, to more than pay for itself in terms of fuel savings. 

Exit Rust can help protect valuable machinery, reducing downtime and the need for early replacement. Exit Rust is ideal for treating metal farm sheds and buildings, steelyards, corrugated iron roofs, irrigation equipment and all farm vehicles and parts. Environmentally friendly, water-based Exit Rust has been approved for use in grain silos and food storage areas. Exit Rust has Australian Health Department approvals for use in rainwater tanks and food preparation areas.

Tractor engines, farm machinery can all be degreased safely and easily. Just spray or brush on, leave for a few minutes and hose off with a strong jet of water. Exit Grease is non-perfumed and approved for use around food storage areas.

The man on the land knows how important it is to keep all his farm machinery working. ACL protects your valuable asset, reduces maintenance and avoids expensive downtime. ACL will not dry out, become sticky or wash off with water/rain – an ideal ‘mate’ for all those jobs on the farm or the garage / workshop.

Fuel and running costs are slashed and maintenance overheads and downtime are substantially reduced -  Tribo Plus is suitable for use in all engines (excluding 2 stroke), gearboxes, differentials (except limited slip differentials). All farm equipment and machinery would benefit from Tribo Plus.