Whatever your means of transport, whatever the size of your fleet, many savings can be made using Liquid Engineering products - and at the same time reducing the impact on the environment. 

Fuel Set’s concept and formulation are vastly different from any other fuel treatment. It gives your car, truck or bus more life, removing acids and sticky contaminants (waxes, gums & varnishes) from the fuel system by passing them, in a dissolved state, through the combustion process. This result is less wear and corrosion of the fuel system components, which, in turn, reduces the running and maintenance costs of your vehicles. Fuel Set has shown, time and time again, to more than pay for itself in terms of fuel savings - and it reduces emissions, too!

Measures often adopted to protect trucks (especially road gritters), cars and buses against rust generally involve sandblasting. However, sandblasting is not effective against small spots of ferrous oxide that quickly expand into large rust areas. This negates the costly efforts made to control corrosion. Exit Rust will fuse and cure the ferrous oxide compound and make the surface ready for any protective paint. Exit Rust treats all vehicle rust.

A clean engine is an efficient engine. Degrease ‘under the bonnet’ with ease. Just spray or brush on, leave for a few minutes and hose off with a strong jet of water. Exit Grease penetrates deeply into those hard to get at places around the engine and transmission. It will not harm vehicle paint and is excellent for cleaning brake dust off the drums and alloy wheel trims.

ACL protects your valuable assets, reduces maintenance costs and avoids expensive downtime when equipment has seized. ACL will not dry out, become sticky or wash off with water, even an automatic vehicle wash.

Tribo Plus is suitable for use in all engines (excluding 2 stroke), gearboxes, differentials (except limited slip differentials). Tribo Plus assists in minimising the effect of water intrusion in engine pumps, gearboxes and other critical components. Fuel and running costs are slashed and maintenance overheads and downtime are substantially reduced.