Industrial & Commercial

Outdoor industries such as construction, mining to drilling, as well as factories large and small, service industries and commercial enterprises can benefit from Liquid Engineering's product range.

Here's how.... Heating systems & boiler plants for factories and office buildings, as well as heavy plant engines and stand-by generators, work more efficiently with Fuel Set. Cleaner ‘burn’ and cleaner emissions result in lower operating costs and reduced maintenance downtime. See how much you could save by maintaining your fuel in perfect condition.

Exit Rust is ideal for treating reinforcing steel used in concrete and other types of construction, where rust is always a threat. Maintenance costs can be substantially reduced. Surface preparation time given to plates, pipes, flanges, joints and structural members before installation can also be reduced. Surfaces treated may be cut, welded, galvanised or chromed. Exit Rust plays a key role in helping prevent rust attacks and chemical corrosion of plant and vehicles, machinery, threaded pipe ends and surfaces machined to fine tolerances.

Exit Grease may be diluted and used through pressure washers, steam cleaners and automatic scrubbers. Exit Grease is non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive. For all grease problems, whether heavy or light grease, Exit Grease is the safe, easy and highly effective solution.

ACL helps protect your valuable assets and equipment, reduce maintenance costs and avoid expensive downtime when equipment has seized. ACL will not dry out, become sticky or wash off with water/rain – a sure and reliable way to avoid those annoying squeaks, and seize-ups that can be so costly.

Undiluted Tribo Plus ensures every engine on site purrs rather than splutters.