Fuel Set FAQs


Will Fuel Set void my engine warranty?  
A No - for a manufacturer to void a warranty they must prove that Fuel Set caused damage. This is near on impossible as Fuel Set's ingredients are harmless to an engine and its fuel/combustion system. Since 1991 when the product was launched in Europe, no claims of any type have been received.
Q Will Fuel Set harm 02 sensors and catalytic converters?
A No - Fuel Set will not harm any metallic or engine components.
Q How should I treat my fuel with Fuel Set?
A The ideal place to treat fuel is at storage tank level. Fuel Set should be added prior to fuel delivery to enable sedimentary impurities to be dissolved. In individual vehicles Fuel Set should ideally, but not essentially, be added prior to filling. 
Q Can I overdose Fuel Set?
A No - It is not harmful to overdose but money is wasted.
How soon can I use the fuel after application of Fuel Set?
A Providing the Fuel Set is mixed thoroughly, either by stirring or by adding extra fuel, the treated fuel can be used immediately.
Q What is the dose rate?
A Normally 1 litre to 4000 litres of fuel. We recommend a double dose on first application, or when fuel is to be left unused for long periods, for example over the winter months.
Q How can I convince our Finance Manager that we need this product?
A Fuel Set costs less than a penny a litre.  You only pay for Fuel Set once – generally speaking the fuel savings made will pay for the next treatment and so on. The alternative could be writing off the unusable fuel – always a much more expensive route.
Q Can I use Fuel Set with biofuel or Ultra Low sulphur diesel?
 A  YES! Biofuel attracts more water than normal diesel. Using Fuel Set will deal with the water that collects due to condensation, so the problems associated with water contamination will be very much reduced.  Biofuel has a much shorter shelf life than normal diesel, and Fuel Set will extend this. It's especially good for laying up a boat over the winter months.
 Q  Is Fuel Set compatible with pre-treated fuel, or other fuel additives?
 A  Yes!  If you've been told otherwise about the fuel / treatment you've just bought, click here


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