Fuel Set's Compatibility

Gerry Yeatman who was Managing Director at Liquid Engineering for over 25 years, has provided the following advice in an effort to clear up any confusion about Fuel Set's compatibility with other fuel treatments, or fuel already containing a treatment.

Any statement that indicates that a product is incompatible with Fuel Set causes unnecessary confusion and concern for many loyal Fuel Set customers.  Fuel Set works in an entirely different way from biocides and other treatments on the market, and using two will not interfere with the workings of either.

Fuel Set™ can be used in combination with any other additive to provide the perfect solution for your particular circumstance or problem. Loyal customers can rest assured that adding Fuel Set to ANY fuel purchased anywhere, can only add to your peace of mind, given the additional benefits of Fuel Set, not least the effective removal of water from condensation when over-wintering.

Fuel Set has been a favourite fuel conditioner in the marine industry since 1991, and continues to provide the benefits of dealing with water from condensation when laying up over winter, reducing harmful emissions and improving economy, amongst others.

Rather than use an additive and a source of fuel that are advertised as not compatible with any other product, customers are advised to keep their options open, and use an additive of their choice and a fuel from any convenient, reputable source.

The choice is yours.


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