Tribo Plus - Frequently asked Questions

 Q Will TRIBO PLUS affect the oil's viscosity?
 A  For commonly used engines and gear oils, viscosity will not be detrimentally affected if Tribo Plus is used at recommended rates.
 Q What is the shelf life of Tribo Plus?
 A At least 12 months but under normal storage conditions probably several years.
 Q Will it help stop bore glazing?
 A Yes. We have had excellent results. As a general rule, adequate bedding in of pistons / cylinder bore required by engine manufacturers, Tribo Plus is not recommended in new engines until the first oil change.
 Q Is there any incompatibility with normal lubricants?
 A No. Tribo Plus is compatible with all commonly used lubricants, synthetic or otherwise.
 Q Will Tribo Plus help reduce sludge formation?
 A The use of Tribo plus will reduce friction and hence oil temperature, thus prolonging the oil life and reducing the formation of sludge. Note: Due to the affinity of Tribo Plus for metal surfaces, it may loosen and displace sludge that is already present in the engine.