It Works With All Fuels!

Whether you run a car, boat, train or coach, the one unknown quantity running through your engine is fuel. Control the fuel and your engine will operate as it was designed to do: at its peak.

Oil companies do supply top quality fuel but they can’t control what happens to it - or what it does to your engine - after the point of delivery.

Fuel Set works with all fuels (except aviation fuel), and has particular advantages whenever water may occur due to contamination or condensation, and when fuel remains in the tank for some time. It works wherever there is a combustion process - even your lawnmower or oil fired boiler.

Fuel Set also has great advantage in marine and off road use, where a recent EU directive requires the use of ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel), containing biofuel. Biofuel attracts water from condensation which can lead to all sorts of problems, but Fuel Set can address these issues at source, by dealing with the water contamination.