Exit Rust FAQs


Can you weld steel treated with EXIT RUST?
A Yes - After conversion with Exit Rust, steel can be welded very successfully and without affecting the strength of the weld.
Q What happens after, say, 8 months if you don't paint it?
A Exit Rust should be over-coated, which can be at the user's convenience.  However, surplus Exit Rust should be removed or tannic acid will travel through the paint and leave pepper-like spots on the paint.
Q What does heat (exhaust pipes) do to it? 
A Exit Rust will convert rust when cold. If heat is excessive, problems will recur.
Q Can Exit Rust be applied under water?
A No - but it can be applied to items that are to be submerged.
Q How far can you go in diluting Exit Rust?
A 50/50, but we prefer no further than 75/25. Care must be taken to ensure water used for dilution is free of contaminants.
Q What is the minimum period before the surface can be worked after treating with Exit Rust?
A When it turns blue/black. Between 1-24 hours, dependent on weather conditions.
Q What is the freezing point of Exit Rust? Does freezing affect the quality of the product?
A The freeze point is -15°C. The product reconstitutes when thawed.


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