Exit Grease FAQs




Q Will Exit Grease work as quickly as others I have used?
 A No, because normal quick-break degreasers contain solvents and as such are environmentally unfriendly. We believe that it is impossible to have an environmentally friendly, quick-break degreaser.
 Q How is it advised to apply the product on heavy grease?
 A Brushing it on helps the product to penetrate.
 Q Why do you have to leave for a few minutes before washing off?
 A It contains no solvents therefore takes longer to penetrate than products that are not environmentally responsible.
 Q Is it suitable for domestic applications?
 A Yes, it is safe to use in the kitchens, ovens, hotplates, bathrooms, showers, toilets, etc.
 Q May it be used in food preparation areas?
 A Yes, as there is no perfume in Exit Grease and therefore will not taint the food
 Q Is it suitable for boat decking?
 A Yes – it leaves a clean, slip-free surface, as it is non-silicated.
 Q Is it suitable for use on concrete flooring?
 A Yes – it will not discolour the concrete in the way that some other products do.
 Q Will it affect automotive paint?
 A No – it just leaves a clean, grease-free finish.
 Q Is it safe on alloy wheel trims?
 A Yes, the product is excellent for all automotive cleaning, including brake dust on drums.
 Q Can I dilute it?
 A Yes, it can be diluted 1:50 for easier cleaning tasks.
 Q Will it affect my skin?
 A If skin is sensitive gloves are recommended, but the product is non-hazardous, non-corrosive and safe to use.