Fuel Diagnostics

Regular use of FUEL SETTM will keep your tanks and fuel in tip-top condition, but it is often useful to know the extent of any problems before setting about trying to treat it.

Our Tank Check unit will help you take samples from the bottom of your tank, either on the tank floor, or in small distances from the bottom. This will help you identify how much water has accumulated in the tank, and the extent of any diesel bug contamination. Results of these tests can help you decide if the diesel would be fit for use after Fuel Set application, or whether the contamination needs to be reduced before attempting to treat the fuel. 

The product is a must for any company or organisation that keeps diesel for long periods, or is at all concerned about the potential damage to engines caused by badly contaminated diesel. We recommend that tests should be carried out every 4 – 6 weeks, depending on throughput of fuel and whether there are any critical safety issues.

N.B. Tank Check can be used to sample any liquid EXCEPT petrol. which can affect the plastic part of the item. It IS suitable for use with diesel, wine, beer, pond water, domestic heating oil, etc.

In addition our Water Detection Paste, available separately, also identifies the extent of water contamination in the fuel. It is a simple colour change indicator, and very easy to use in both petrol and diesel.

If you are in any doubt, or would like a professional opinion, please call Liquid Engineering (UK) Ltd. We would be happy to discuss your problem, and even arrange to see/analyse your fuel.

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