Worried about E10?

Posted February 16, 2022 by Lisa King

We've had a few enquiries about Fuel Set's compatibility with E10 fuel.  Read more here [Details]

Boaters are back!

Posted May 12, 2020 by Gerry Yeatman

Open air recreation is allowed from tomorrow! We hope all marinas will soon allow access to boats for both maintenance and leisure (with members of your own household). Don't forget to double dose with Fuel Set to counteract the effects of aged fuel and contamination over the lay-up period. Happy boating... [Details]

Open for business!

Posted March 24, 2020 by Lisa King

We are proud to be doing our bit to keep the country operating...  conditioning fuel for the tractors ploughing our fields, the fishing trawlers and haulage vehicles supplying our food, stand-by generators protecting our hospitals and data centres, and trains carrying our essential workers.  We will do our very best... [Details]

Barbecue weather?

Posted July 09, 2019 by Lisa King

Everyone hates cleaning the barbecue. Exit Grease makes it oh-so-simple. Industrial strength de-greaser, non-caustic and approved for food contact surfaces.  Grease just melts away. [Details]

Spring Clean!

Posted February 12, 2019 by Lisa King

It's the traditional time of year to give your home/ car/ boat a spring clean. Treat any bits and pieces that have gone a bit rusty after that wet winter with Exit Rust or Corro Dip. Free up any seized locks with ACL. Don't forget to clean your fuel! Whether... [Details]

We love it when....

Posted June 11, 2017 by Lisa King

...we can help to keep beautiful restoration projects like this one on the move. Fuel Set will over time reduce those emissions and help the engine run smoother with more power. Lowering maintenance and running costs too, Fuel Set will help keep this famous locomotive around for all to enjoy.... [Details]

Boiler burns brightly

Posted February 17, 2016 by Lisa King

Fuel Set has been praised again, this time for solving problems with a domestic, oil-fired boiler. A full service hadn't helped, but adding a double dose of Fuel Set to the oil tank dealt with the free water that was causing the problems. No more smoking, smelling or misfiring! Big or small, tell us... [Details]

We've moved!

Posted January 19, 2016 by Lisa King

Our offices and warehousing facilities have now been relocated to the beautiful North Hampshire/Berkshire area, convenient for the M4. See our "Contact Us" page for our new address. Telephone numbers/email addresses etc stay the same. [Details]

A new chapter...

Posted October 31, 2015 by Lisa King

Today (31st October) is Gerry's last day as M.D!  His daughter, Lisa, has purchased both companies so that Gerry can take the longest holiday of his life (also known as retirement!). Gerry will remain in a consulting capacity for a few years to ensure Lisa keeps up the good work.... [Details]