Practical Boat Owner Article Comments

If you haven’t yet read the article, click here to review it – we’d recommend you print the whole article if you can, and read it in conjunction with our notes.

We appreciated the no-nonsense approach to this test. Unlike other tests this one recognises the distinction between biocides (deadly poisons) and non-biocide treatment methods like Fuel Set FCC: the two categories work in different ways so the results from one category cannot be compared with the results in another. “Instant kill” rates would suggest a biocide would be better, but this test recognises that removing the free water to deal with the bug may take a little longer, but once the water has been removed (and the Bug is removed in the combustion process at the same time), the Bug cannot re-infest. In addition, the Bug does not block the filters as it would with a biocide that creates a sudden mass of dead cells (referred to as gummy deposits in the article)

Some explanations:Page 6 – comparing “dispersal products”

Firstly, not all the products actually disperse the water! PBO should have called this category simply “non-biocide”, because they all work in different ways. Enzyme treatments, for example, “eat” the Bug, but enzymes themselves do not remove water. If water remains, the Bug can re-infest.Check out the photos – see how Fuel Set’s photo shows the Bug lifted into suspension, ready to pass through the filter. Other products leave the gummy deposits at the bottom of the tank, and once agitated at sea, it’s these deposits that will clog your filter. In the results table, note the huge spike in our pg cATP/ml rating.  This shows how much debris (Bug) has been broken into minute particles and lifted into suspension to pass through the filter – a FAR better result than the other products. In that same results table, see how Fuel Set FCC costs far less than competitor products to use on an ongoing maintenance basis.  And if you buy Fuel Set FCC in larger bottles or larger quantities, the cost reduces even further.

Page 7 – Conclusion

Whilst we obviously agree with PBO’s verdict that Fuel Set FCC is the best, we don’t agree with their conclusion – basically they say you should keep an eye out for the Bug and combat it when it comes to call. In our (experienced) opinion, even if you don’t currently have a Bug problem, it’s far better to use Fuel Set FCC to clean both your fuel and your complete fuel system, then continue to use Fuel Set FCC to keep it clean, and keep the dreaded Bug away.  The Bug cannot infest if Fuel Set FCC is used regularly.