Diesel Bug

The diesel bug (Cladisporium resinae) lives at the interface of the fuel and any water that is present. The water generally accumulates at the bottom of the tank and is formed form condensation on tank walls.

As older fungi die, slime is formed that ultimately floats upwards into the fuel leading to blocked filters and narrowing fuel lines. The resulting sludge also produces hydrogen sulphide that corrodes vital engine components such as fuel pumps and injectors.

Fuel Set FCC deals with any free water present by breaking the free water into minute droplets. The bug cells then disperse allowing them to pass through the filters to be burnt off harmlessly. The bug cannot infest, or re-infest when Fuel Set FCC is present in your fuel.

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NOTE: Biocide treatment will kill any fungal growth but creates a sudden mass of dead cells, which only adds to the problem. Biocides will not usually remove the water and are generally poisonous and should be handled with great care. To read more about the Biocide Vs Treatment debate, Click here.

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