Corro Dip

As an alternative to traditional acid baths, Corro Dip removes rust and all corrosion from surfaces, leaving just the base metal to work with. Non-hazardous, the 3 - 24 hour process is achieved in a water-based solution that, remarkably, is biodegradable. Corro Dip is a concentrated liquid, diluted with 5 parts water, that can be used over and over again.

Corro Dip will not harm glass, rubber or plastic and will only remove paint if/where corrosion exists beneath the paint. Corro Dip enables discarded tools and bolts to be recycled to a usable condition. It removes all scale and blistered material and leaves clean, metal surfaces ready for welding, drilling or painting.

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For further info, applications and use instructions, Download a Corro Dip brochure page.

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